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The effects of unrelenting climate change and increasing social inequality around the world have led to a broad public consensus: the dimensions of these global challenges call for broad-based approaches that enable action to be taken on an equal scale to address them. 


There is no doubt that the need to set our world on a different environmental and social track has become an increasing concern of mainstream society. Policy-makers respond with climate protection agreements and energy transition policies. People are changing their habits and becoming more involved with environmental and social causes. Even our children are taking to the streets to demand steps are taken to protect our planet.

Despite all the goodwill and welcoming successes, there remains a distinct lack of focused and sustainable investment solutions available on capital markets. This is a function of the fact that only capital markets are able to supply and efficiently facilitate the volume of capital required to underpin this paradigm shift. There is a dire need for innovative investment that simultaneously seeks to deliver a market return, while affording equal weight to achieving a positive environmental and social impact.

ThomasLloyd are proud to be a leading provider in this area. We offer an investment approach for responsible investors that goes far beyond the objectives set by conventional “sustainability concepts”. Our investment solutions are 100 % sustainable. They must always pursue environ-mental and social goals which provides you with the certainty that your money is invested exclusively in sustainable projects.

ThomasLloyd is transparent in where we invest your money and as a result, how value is achieved. We only invest in concrete, visible, tangible real assets with their associated positive characteristics.

Furthermore, with ThomasLloyd you invest as an equal partner alongside other investors into projects that have historically been the reserve of global institutional investors. This includes terms and benefits often taken for granted in a professional context: attractive risk-return profile, the highest standards of transparency and if required, a personal service available to answer any questions you may have.

Shape the future and create real added value – with ThomasLloyd’s digital sustainable real asset portfolio management.


The ordinary gives the world its existence, the extraordinary its value.

Oscar Wilde


Think globally, invest effectively.

Climate change and a growing global social imbalance require consistent rethinking. For new, holistic ways of finding solutions, imperatives and business models in all areas of life. In our consumption, our mobility, in how we live our lives – and also in the deployment and management of our capital.

For responsible investors seeking to support this paradigm shift in attitudes and make it a reality by means of consistent and sustainable action; ThomasLloyd’s sustainable real asset portfolio management paves the way to an approach that goes far beyond the investment objectives of conventional “sustainability concepts” that are based solely on exclusion criteria.

Impact Investing – shaping a positiv future with conscious investment decisions

ThomasLloyd pools its investors’ capital and deploys it in an holistic and effective impact investing manner. ThomasLloyd invests primarily in the direct development, construction and operation of a large number of selected real assets. Potential investment targets are sustainable infrastructure projects orientated towards renewable energy, properties with a defined social purpose, or value-based natural resource investments such as the production of drinking water or sustainable forestry.


ThomasLloyd affords the term “return” a new, holistic and more contemporary meaning. We enable investors to make investments that are financially successful, yet also responsible, with a strong environmental and social impact.



Act now. Shape the future.

It is a human trait to consider the future, to create, to enrich life and to play a part in society’s structural evolution that enables progress. It naturally follows that an investor should wish to invest into real and tangible assets. Assets that provide visible and long-term benefits, adding true environmental and social, as well as the traditional financial, value.

There are many concrete examples for sustainable real assets that foster these objectives in the infrastructure sector – one of the areas of focus of ThomasLloyd´s sustainable real asset portfolio management.

A wealth management client can directly share in this inspiring and transformative experience through their targeted investments. Such as personally participating in the impact of the opening of a bridge connecting two towns previously separated by water. This client experiences a pick up in trade, a newly developed economic and social dynamism and prosperity to a region previously excluded from development.

Or when that client can witness fields flourishing in once arid regions, when water starts flowing for the first time from a large-scale water catchment system financed with the client’s own money. It is then that the client can truly appreciate the economic impact an infrastructure development has for agriculture and, of course, the local population.

ThomasLloyd allows investors, through their chosen strategy, to invest directly in concrete and sustainable real assets. Through their chosen strategy, investors can play an active role in shaping our future. They can follow each asset’s development through our continuous in-depth reporting and even experience them first-hand on one of our investor trips.


Reliable and predictable in all market environments

Sustainable real assets


Anyone investing in sustainable real assets today, like infrastructure, profits from:

an attractive earnings potential

... that reflects the essential importance of these real assets for society and all economies.

reliable returns

... resulting from stable cash flows from real assets which are secured by structurally significant assets and properties.

the considerable independence from capital markets

... through durable and largely inflation-proof real assets, which have a low correlation with other asset classes, stable valuations and are broadly decoupled from developments of capital markets and macro-economic cycles.

a high degree of capital protection

... since the importance of (infrastructure) assets for a functioning society means that they have a low elasticity of demand and are characterised by a long economic lifecycle.

advantageous market structures

... because the contract partners are mostly economically robust utilities or from the public sector and enjoy natural monopolies while they also often benefit from direct political support and regulatory incentives.

The wealth management services offered to you via this website are provided by First Capital Management Group GmbH, hereinafter referred to as "FCM", Herzogstraße 60, 80803 Munich. FCM will be your contractual partner for the wealth management services. FCM will commission ThomasLloyd Global Asset Management (Americas) LLC, 427 Bedford Road, Pleasantville, New York 10570, USA with the practical implementation of the portfolio management. Advise on individual financial instruments (investment advice) and/or commission transactions in individual securities (investment brokerage) will be provided by FCM.

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